How to prevent electric scooter riding injuries

How to prevent electric scooter riding injuries

Electric scooters or better known as e scooters have proven to be a great innovation for children and teenagers to move around. Even though e scooters are built by keeping children in mind yet, they are not completely safe to ride and can cause accidents which can lead to harmful injuries.

e scooter safe riding

How can your child injury themselves on an electric scooter?

Here are a few instances which could cause injuries through an electric scooter riding:

  • Riding e scooter after an exhausting day

  • Not paying much attention to the road

  • Try dangerous moves or tricks

  • Losing balance all of a sudden

  • Accidents with other electric scooter riders

  • Riding the electric scooter on bad weather days 

  • Not wearing safety or protective gears!

What are the type of injuries that electric scooter riding can cause?

  • You can bruise your elbows or knees

  • You can snap your finger

  • Head injuries

  • You can break your wrist

  • Fractures and tissue damage is also a possibility

How to prevent electric scooter injuries?

Here is what you can do about. Follow the tips given below to learn how to prevent electric scooter injuries:

First of all, do not go out riding your electric scooter with out protective gear and safety equipment.

Here are some of the best gear for safe riding and prevent injuries:

Wear a helmet: A protective gear like a helmet is highly important and you should never go out to ride electric scooter without it. 

e scooter helmet for safe riding


Install some protective gear: If your electric scooter does not come with these then get the following protective gear installed to prevent injuries: 

Mirrors for looking before taking a turn.

e scooter mirror

A flashlight to see in the dark and avoid hitting things. The flashlight can light up to 50 to 100 meters ahead. It can be easily customized and is made up of high quality aluminium.

e scooter flashlight 


A tail laser light to warn others about the existence of the e scooter on the road. These lasers are bright, adjustable, compact, and water resistant. It flashes in three ways or modes, such as, the normal mode, the slow strobe mode and the fast strobe mode.

electric scooter tail light

An extra handle bar for that extra safety while you lift a little kid. These extra handle bars are 25.8 cm wide and 3.8 cm long. These are also very easy to adjust and customize. 
Provided above are all the ways through which you can prevent your child from getting injured while riding an electric scooter.

Knee pads, elbow pads and a wrist guard for safe riding.


e scooter knee pads


Some more tips

No e scooters on rainy or bad weather days: Do not o ride the electric scooter on bad weather days and especially on rainy days when the roads are wet and slippery.

Understand the consequences of practicing dangerous moves with electric scooter.

Do not ride your e scooter if your not feeling well

Do not ride the no scooting zones, those areas can be highly dangerous for you to ride e scooter. Those no scooting zones include hills, steeps, uneven surfaces, in the middle of the roads or even in traffic jams, in crowded walkaways and crowded streets.



I highly recommend you to watch this page and buy yourself protective gear!

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